Thursday, April 29, 2010

Celebs and Theirs Mothers - Part 2

Take a look at famous actors and their lovely mothers. In case you haven’t seen the first part, enjoy it as well.

Justin Bieber and His Mom

Gerard Butler and His Mom

George Clooney and His Mom

Johnny Depp and His Best Girls

Justin Timberlake and His 'Best Friend'

Diddy and His Mom

Tom Cruise and His Mom

Shia LaBeouf and His Mom

Leonardo DiCaprio and His Mom

Will Smith and His Mother

Tim McGraw and His Mom

Ryan Reynolds and His Mom

Usher and His Mother

Neil Patrick Harris and His Mom

Kenny Chesney and His Mom

Jude Law and His Mom

Kanye West and His Mother

Ashton Kutcher and His Mother

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Their Mothers

Matthew McConaughey and His Mom

The Jonas Brothers and Their Mom

Jay-Z With His Mother and Grandmother

Source: life

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