Wednesday, August 11, 2010

50 Outstanding Celebrity Photo Retouching

There is no doubt that retouching a photo of a celebrity will make them much more attractive. As the photos in this post show, many celebrities are not as perfect as we would like to believe and Photoshop can defiantly improve their looks.

Megan Fox

Scarlet Johanson

Adriana Lima

Britney Spears

Hillary Duff

Jessica Alba

George Clooney

Angelina Jolie

Lindsay Lohan

Charlize Theron

Kate Hudson


Alyssa Milano

Reese Witherspoon

Christina Ricci

Heidi Klum

Avril Lavigne

Beyonce Knowles

Kate Winslet


Emma Watson

Jessica Simpson

Penelope Cruz


Christina Aguilera

Kaley Cuoco

Britney Spears

Kristen Stewart

Jessica Biel

Rachel McAdams

Ashlee Simpson

Natalie Portman

Elisha Cuthbert

Alicia Silverstone

Pamela Anderson

Jessica Alba

Ashley Tisdale

Rachel McAdams

Katie Holmes

Uma Thurman


Kate Moss

Brittany Murphy


Jennifer Aniston

Gemma Atkinson

Ashlee Simpson

Eva Mendes

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